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'One bloody bullet gets you in the end,' he said  as he coughed up a mouthful of blood and exhaled one last long breath...

Historical Fiction set in World War One


Killing Kitchener

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1916 – teenage sniper Thomas Clare is struggling with personal demons left over from the battlefields of Gallipoli. A first love affair in exotic Cairo helps him bear the pain of lost comrades, until a corrupt policeman from his past turns up dead – the only clue, a blood-stained bayonet.

Accompanied by Lawrence of Arabia, Thomas soon finds himself in the middle of a plot to assassinate the British Empire’s most famous warrior. 

KILLING KITCHENER – a novel of murder, love and betrayal in wartime.

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carrying wounded Gallipoli 1915


"Former ABC Radio Current Affairs reporter Steve Sailah interviewed six Australians who took part in a young nation’s first major military campaign at Gallipoli in 1915.


These original Anzacs have since passed on, but their stories remain fresh – the stories of naive young men eager to defend the Mother Country but who had no concept of the horrors they would encounter and the wretched conditions they would endure."



Stories from Gallipoli CD cover

A Fatal Tide

Bantam, Random House Australia


"This is a powerful novel that gives you the sights, sounds, smells, feel and horrors of Gallipoli, the courage and camaraderie, written by one who has actually interviewed many of the men who were there . I highly recommend it for readers young and old." Peter FitzSimons, author Kokoda, Tobruk, Batavia. Eureka









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