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"Jack is a slight man who is still given to quick movements. He doesn’t need glasses to read. His words come out rapid-fire, like a machinegun, in a vernacular as dinky-di as gum leaves.”

- The Australian, April 1990

75th Anniversary, Gallipoli, 1990 


WW1 memorial in Murgon Queensland
Vietnam veteran Eric Law and Steve Sailah in Murgon
Lest we forget, Murgon Queensland

Clockwise from top left: Steve with Turkish guide, Professor Kenan Çelik OAM; trenches at Johnson's Jolly, Quinn's Post memorial; Group at Gallipoli Houses (including Professor Çelik, and author of The Other Anzacs, Peter Rees); Headstone of Roy Facey, one of two Facey brothers killed on Gallipoli whose surviving brother Albert wrote A Fourtunate Life; Shrapnel Valley cemetery.

WW1 memorial, Lamb St, Murgon, western Queensland   (above)                                                                                    'Lest we forget,' Murgon


Eric Law, Vietnam vet, Aboriginal elder, school teacher (below)

& Steve, in Murgon, Queensland.

Steve Sailah in the Dardanelles 1990
Steve Sailah interviewing Jack Ryan on Anzac Cove 1990
Stve Sailah and Bill Bevis at an Istanbul nightclub 1990
Anzac veteran Bill Bevis 1990 Istanbul

Steve (blue shirt) amougst press corps on assignment for the ABC covering the 75th anniversary of the 1st Anzac landing at Gallipoli.  

94 -year-old Gallipoli ventran, Bill Bevis, who dined with us at an Istanbul night club and then cavorted on stage with a belly dancer. He brought the house down.

When I observed that he’d been a perfect gentleman with the lady, Bill replied with a laugh, “Well, before a couple of thousand people, what else could you be?"

Steve interviewing Jack Ryan on Anzac Cove, 1990.

Jack Ryan, spent a lifetime regretting that he took a belt buckle off a dead Turk, and in 1990 gave it back to the first Turk he met in Istanbul. Also, right, Bill Hall (white shirt), leader of the Gallipoli Visit Group.

The Veterans


WW1 veteran Jack Nicholson (far right) and others in France
Anzac Jack Nicholson 1st Btn. WW1
Ernie Boston, HMAS Sydney 1914

Veterans featured in the ABC documentary Stories From Gallipoli. Read more about their stories here.

Clockwise from top:


Jack Nicholson, 1st Batallion, (far right)

in Paris with several other Anzacs;


Above, Jack (far right) with two mates;


Left, ABC CD cover, Stories from Gallipoli;


Far Left, Ernie Boston, Captain's Runner,

1st HMAS Sydney in 1914.

A visit to Gallipoli


Johnson's Jolly Gallipoli 2011
Quinn's Post Gallipoli
Roy Facey gravestone Gallipoli
Professor Kenan Çelik OAM, Steve Sailah, Peter Rees on Gallipoli 2011
Steve Sailah Shrapnel Gully Gallipoli
Steve Sailah and Professor Kenan Çelik OAM Quinn's Post Gallipoli

Murgon, a town in Queensland


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